New NomadBSD release

Greetings dear NomadBSD staff, I would like to know if you would be releasing a new version for NomadBSD based on FreeBSD 13.1 any time soon. thanks in advance.

Hi Sergio,

Yes we will indeed release a new version based on FreeBSD 13.1 in the next days. :slight_smile:


Thanks to Nomad Teams for making this nice FreeBSD distro

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Eagerly waiting for NomadBSD based on FreeBSD 13.1.


It’s out now, available from the website - I downloaded it yesterday, & have it installed on my computer today - working well. :slight_smile:

can someone please suggest best choice between ZFS and UDF filesystem ?
My case of installation would be a full one from Live USB to a bootable USB 3.1 pendrive.
Thank you

ZFS is quite robust and is always in a well defined state. If your system wasn’t properly shut down, it doesn’t require a fsck. It has some nice features like snapshot and boot environments, but ZFS will probably wear out your pendrive quicker, and it is a bit slower than UFS.

Since we are using soft updates journaling for UFS, running fsck on a unclean filesystem shouldn’t be necessary in most cases. On the other hand, journaling means more meta data to write, which can wear out your pendrive quicker, but not to that extend ZFS does.

understood, thank you