NBSD 130 not booting desktop background + gadget after total packages upgrade

Hi all, yesterday I made a total packages upgrade with the two commands pkg update -f and pkg upgrade -f , without handling the errata correction. It was almost 1 year that I did not upgrade packages , ie Firefox is at release 78.
Upgrade goes to the end, but at reboot…screen remains black; only arrow pointer available. No desktop, no gadget, no applet, nothing appearing. The good thing is that by rightclicking the mouse, I get the Openbox menu and I can start every application from there, but of course I would need all as it should be when GUI starts normally (desktop, applets, icons and everything).
I can still operate with command line by Sakura terminal.
My HP15 laptop has double graphic system: AMD M330 2Gb - Intel i4500 integrated GPU with shared RAM.
Do you have suggestions for my case?
Thank you all

Sorry for the long reply time. You may be having the same issue that was resolved in this post:


If this doesn’t help let me know.

Note: You may have to boot into single user mode, mount the drive and then perform some work.

thank you for replying!
I will take action soon as returned home next days.
“boot as single user” believe is my case, my NBSD installation (full installed on a USB target pendrive) has only one user which is changed in “root” on the terminal when I do the upgrades or packages install.

So you can also open the terminal from the menu.

Or you can press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F3] to switch to one of the traditional tty-terminals (on [F1] to [F3]).
Using a tty-terminal for upgrading is recommended by @grahamperrin in this post in his related thread on the FreeBSD-Forums.
Pressing [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F9] returns you to the GUI/Window Manager.

But single user mode will also work

Ok everything went well! I first applied what told in the errata regarding e2fsprogs , then I upgraded all packages with these two console commands in Sakura from root: pkg update -f and pkg upgrade -f .
Finally I applied the list of commands found in the topic which a-bateman suggested to me in previous answer. Good!
What I missed to do was login as single user, but this did not cause issues.
Thak you again both to a-bateman and you :slightly_smiling_face: