My small MomadBSD REvue to italian users

This is my small job about NomadBSD.
I hope some italian Linux user can be interested to know the BSD world via NomadBSD


Very nice! I learned something from it, and thanks for taking the time for writing an instructive review. I translated it, and it came out very nice.

Small comments …

Installation - just for noobs coming from the windows world, I usually recommend Etcher - simply because it does a verify after the burn, which helps to identify bad usb or other removable media problems.

Rufus can sometimes be too much for newcomers, but those who explore it will find that it will auto-calculate the all important md5 or sha download sums to ensure that what was downloaded matches what it should be without going to the command line. There’s more to Rufus, but that is best left to other articles.

Purpose of NomadBSD - while installing to a hard drive or other media is possible, that it not the primary intent. Rather it is to be a very simple way to install and run from USB or other portable media, auto-detecting the best it can as you plug it into various machines as you come across them.

This is part of the reason that the install is so simple and takes the whole disk. Advanced installation to multi-partitioned media and bootloaders is best left to the FreeBSD hard-core installations.

This is vaguely similar to Knoppix, where yes, one can install it to a partitioned hard drive, but that is not it’s main goal. So maybe I wouldn’t list this as a “defect”, but more of a design goal of maintaining simplicity of install.

Please don’t take this as criticism - just notes coming from my initial read-through. Again, nice job, and thanks for taking the time for the review.

I’m very glad to receive this comment. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

This is really great, thank you!

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