My Eye-Candy Terminal

sudo pkg install xfce4-terminal

cd ~/.bin

touch terminal

nano terminal

xfce4-terminal --geometry 95x21+75+60 --hide-menubar --hide-toolbar --hide-borders

cd /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/

touch terminal.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=sh -c '~/.bin/terminal'


trow the icon into the plank panel

by the way: i like very big letters. I am aged over 50 and don’t want using reading glases at the computer

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In Sakura you can press <Ctrl>++ to increase the font size, and <Ctrl>+- to decrease the font size. This works in some other programs as well.

@mk1 Yep - big fan of Sakura here as well, and the ability to ++ as well, along with the F11 true full screen with no distractions. Thanks for making it standard with the image.

But yeah, first thing I tend to test whether it’s the xfce-4 terminal, lx-terminal, or even making sure that xterm has the ctrl-right-click enabled, is the ability to easily change font size for us >50 crowd. :slight_smile: