Multiple DSBmixers show up after Octopkg use

Weird - used OctoPkg to remove the Geany editor. After the system notification that it updated the menus, I had TWO DSBmixer’s in the top panel.

Not needing two of them, I just quit a redundant one. All is fine now.

The problem is I can’t reproduce this now. Tried installing Geany and removing it again using OctoPkg, but when the menus got updated, I don’t see any duplicate icons for the dsbmixer in the upper task bar like I did last time.

So, not really a problem, but perhaps a weird one-off occurence I don’t understand. Easy enough for me to fix.

Just an observation…

If I use the menu to bring up the dsbmixer (Audio > DSBmixer), it leaves a duplicate icon of the dsbmixer already enabled in the top taskbar.

Note that I have not made any updates to the system packages yet…

There is no mechanism that prevents DSBMixer from starting multiple instances (yet).

Thanks, no problem it is merely cosmetic. So not an OctoPkg thing for lurkers.

I really like the DSB* tools - helps set it apart from the usual DE offerings, very nice.

Thank you :smiley: