Moving NomadBSD HDD to a new hardware is possible?

I was able to boot the Nomad on other hardware but it stopped on unrecovered GPT. Any help are welcome!
Thanks in advance!

Moving a HDD with NomadBSD to another system is of course possible. It will adapt to the new hardware, except for the graphics driver, which requires manual installation.

Could you please take a photo, so that we can see error messages?

Hi Mk1, how are you?

I moved NomadBSD HDD from HP XW6200 workstation to Lenovo Thinkpad 230 notebook and got this error.

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if the HDD is connected via USB, try another port. If that doesn’t help, check it with smartctl.

Does it work with the other machine?

Hi Mk1,

The problem was the USB port, solved conecting on E-SATA.

Thanks again!

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