Mount exfat USB drive

I just made a 1TB USB3.2 drive out of an extra nvme SSD drive I had laying around, using an SSK enclosure I bought on Amazon for about $17. I formatted it as exfat on my macbook pro and transferred some files to it. Then I couldn’t get the drive to mount on my FreeBSD computers - NomadBSD and GhostBSD.

A little googling led me to discover fusefs-exfat. That is an update/upgrade to the old FreeBSD fuse pkg - fuse is now fusefs.


sudo pkg install fusefs-exfat

and reinstert the USB drive and everything mounted automagically.

Note: The fuse driver is already installed in the kernel in both NomadBSD and GhostBSD and it handles fusefs-exfat as well.

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Cool and useful information for everybody who have USB sticks formatted with exFAT and need this, although I am not in that group of persons whom this information actually benefits.

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would it be an idea to edit/change the category of this thread to “Howtos and FAQs”?

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I thought about that, but when I looked at that forum, it seemed to be more geared toward development, rather than normal user how-to stuff. Move it if you want to. Won’t bother me.