Mesa-devel for radeonkms

I need to have hardware acceleration graphics with vdpau + vaapi enabled for AMD gpu with radeonkms driver. I first built mesa-dri from source and vaapi+vdapu from source with no luck in acceleration: Have done this in the past and it worked . Then reformat and tried to built mesa-devel ( it includes vaapi =vdpau). The gui was lost and i was in command line. I tried to startx but nothing happens. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Just a little update. Could not make it work with amd gpu. Switch to Nvidia and everything works out of the box! - full harware acceleration Then i install nvidia settings for further adjustment. Can’t calibrate from nvidia settings and cannot resume from suspend as gpu freezes! Iam happy with this small progress. Wish amd make a decent driver for freebsd as it did for ps5, which is based on freebsd btw.