Mechanical CAD pkg for BSD

Hi ,

is there a CAD program for nomadbsd as pkg package to install ?

means for mechanical construction purposes with metal. metal parts and assembly.


With NomadBSD being FreeBSD based, you can search for your favorite subject software package at

I.e. just in the first few page hits for a search on CAD brings up: freecad, openscad, qcad, zcad and there’s a ton more:o)

One of the most well-known is FreeCAD (installs directly from OctoPkg).
There’s tons of instruction videos/pages for FreeCAD on the internet.
Personally, I have found videos from Joko Engineering very helpfull.

It would be nice, if you posted your findings :wink:

i have installed openSCAD. a good program.
the software was installed good and is seen in the program menue.
but it is not starting.
have tested it on 2 computers.
don’t know why.
any ideas are appreciated.

If you start OpenSCAD from the shell (Sakura), do you then get any (error) messages in the shell?
You might need where or which to find the path to the program.
Remember the search is case-sensitive ie. I need to write:

% where FreeCAD
% where freecad

as you see, when using only lowercase the search returns empty.

OpenSCAD, a keyboard driven CAD-program :+1:, my AutoCAD R12 skills was long gone, so I went with FreeCAD when I had to pick up “modeling” again.

yeah i started openscad in the folder /usr/local/bin/
it needs a Qt5 library that is not installed.
try to install it now.
make a report soon.

hi again,
yes it needs QT5 Version 5.12
have tried to make an update of Qt with
Pkg install Qt5
needs 817MB download and 2GB Space.
normally no problem i have nomadbsd on harddrive USB 80GB plate.
message not enough space in /tmp/pgk
what to do ?


Have you tried to run “pkg upgrade” first?

hello commander ,
the same.
Needs 944MB download.
Not enough space message in /tmp/pkg

If I remember correctly, @mk1 described somewhere how to get around this. Maybe he can help.

thank you very much.
it’s not urgent , so i stay relaxed .
see you again here

You can change the cache dir.


  • Create an alternative cache dir:
    # mkdir /home/pkg-cache
  • Set
    PKG_CACHEDIR = "/home/pkg-cache";
    in /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf

NomadBSD-1.4 RC1:

  • Set
    PKG_CACHEDIR = "/var/tmp";
    in /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf
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Wouldn’t this be a good section under “Troubleshooting” in the Handbook?
If you lack the time, I don’t mind making a draft…

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Good idea :slight_smile:

That would be great.

hello again ,

how to check the version of Nomadbsd.

freebsd-version -k yes it works
i have 12.1 Release p6
what is it ?


why a cat , i suppose it was a dog.


NomadBSD 1.4 is FreeBSD 12.2 so you are likely on version 1.3.2
but you are some (security) updates behind!
FreeBSD 12.1 is on release p12

After you successfully have upgraded Qt5, you might consider running:

% sudo pkg upgrade
% sudo freebsd-update fetch install

then reboot and do another

% sudo pkg upgrade

there are probably no packages needed after the reboot - but that’s how the drill is recomended :wink:

uuups ,
update does not work. it compromises the os. other functions dont work.
upgrade was terminated because of error.
its late here.
doesnt matter. i have made a sector by sector copy of the HDD.
recall tomorrow.
total recall. :sunglasses:

Sorry! It’s me who is new to NomadBSD!
It was late and I forgot the errata + extras :disappointed:

You can have a look at my experience with upgrading.

Please accept my apologize for wasting your time.

hello friend ,
normally a update and upgrade work fine.
in some cases in every os user say that something is not working after the update.
especially on windows os automated updates.
BSD users are smart.
i have made a os independent sector by sector copy in a compressed file of the whole nomadbsd HDD. (or flash doesnt matter.)
so i can replay sector by sector. EVERY DATA. no matter what kind or os.
check out openscad installation again next month on a fresh install on
NomadBSD new version and will see the results then.
Thank you for your help.
no partition imager - a whole RAW copy , independent of the data geometry
that is the level of BSD users
i don’t care if there are many partitions build by the os on the hdd/flash
i don’t care about MBR/Grub
and not SWAP
the damn RAW-MASTER get the job done.
such like US Metal worker of old style approach. blank table for assembly

. :star_struck: