Macbook Air 2020 internal touchpad and keyboard does not function


I have tried to put into use the tails on macbook air 2020 and my keyboard and mouse did not function at all, therefore I could not claim your elevating service

Is there solution for that ?

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I think it could work with the next release of NomadBSD as this is based on FreeBSD 12.1 which includes the iich driver. We’ll release an RC in the next days then you can try it.

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Thank you - I am looking forward to it

kind regards


Has this issue been solved?

I just got the same problem on my Retina MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2017.

Trying to boot from USB drive with nomadbsd-130R-20210508.mac.img. But when I get to the “choose lang and locale” setup screen the internal keyboard and touchpad don’t work.

And ideas how to fix it?

Same here