Load I2C HIDD without prompting

So since the last update I’ve been getting a screen, upon booting, asking me if it should load the experimental I2C HIDD. Does anyone know how to get it to do this automatically so I don’t have to choose load each time it boots?

On my NomedBSD:

> grep ‘iichid’ /etc/rc.conf

Does the experimental iichid module have another name?
Then try to change the name in that line…

Or maybe add the module to kld_list in /etc/rc.conf (sometimes I’ve had to add path to the module-name, but that should not be necessary for you, as NomadBSD already sees the module)

I’m not sure. I’ve tried searching for it and the only results I get are in the update notes for NomadBSD. Couldn’t find mention of it almost anywhere else that would be relevant. Nothing when grepping either.

During textbased booting?

Kernel modules are not my neck of the woods!
Maybe you can figure out the name of the module by listing loaded modules:

> kldstat -v

On my system the module is located as /boot/kernel/iichid.ko and I think it is loaded by hidbus.ko