Lenovo x230 HDD install not working

Hi there,

I have a slightly unusual configuration - Lenovo x230 with full hd screen mod, connected to DP3.

Running nomadbsd off a usb = no problems! When it first boots my screen is set to secondary, so I bring up the AandR which opens on my invisible primary display, then ALT-Drag it to my visable screen and then disable the standard display and make DP3 primary, all good!
When I install to HDD nomadbsd does not behave in the same way, I cannot even seem to find my mouse cursor, it also has a different background. I was under the impression that installing from usb to hdd would make a carbon copy of my persistent usb, but on the hdd? I guess I am wrong?

Any advice appreciated! Thank you

Hi there @Steven_Timms,

welcome to to the forum.

Did you run the installer as a user other than nomad?