Lenovo x230 HDD install not working

Hi there,

I have a slightly unusual configuration - Lenovo x230 with full hd screen mod, connected to DP3.

Running nomadbsd off a usb = no problems! When it first boots my screen is set to secondary, so I bring up the AandR which opens on my invisible primary display, then ALT-Drag it to my visable screen and then disable the standard display and make DP3 primary, all good!
When I install to HDD nomadbsd does not behave in the same way, I cannot even seem to find my mouse cursor, it also has a different background. I was under the impression that installing from usb to hdd would make a carbon copy of my persistent usb, but on the hdd? I guess I am wrong?

Any advice appreciated! Thank you

Hi there @Steven_Timms,

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Did you run the installer as a user other than nomad?


I’m trying to get an old X200 to work on Nomad since getting up and running with a workstation install. It’s a bit buggy at the moment. Started from USB all fine, installed a couple of packages all good and then went to the Package Update/Upgrade or something like that. Something like 260+ items to action. It froze half way through. It boots reliably from USB, everything looks in place but none of the applications work, i can click on them, it looks like they are opening but then nothing. Can’t log out or shut down either. I’ll go with a fresh install but it’s a bit odd.

I think it’s a BIOS issue or something. I tried installing a Linux version and it all went as intended but upon removing the USB it wouldn’t boot either, just a flashing ‘dash’
I have a good setup of Nomads on a desktop, what’s the best way to format the laptops SSD? I have a SATA to UsB adapter

Was the package upgrade process completed?

The easiest way is to boot a NomadBSD flash drive on your laptop, run the installer and install it to your SSD. Then boot your desktop system, connect your SSD via USB and mount the home partition (to, let’s say, /media/da0s3). Copy your files from /home/yourusername to /media/da0s3/home/yourusername:

$ cd /home/yourusername && tar cf - . | (cd /media/da0s3/home/yourusername && tar xf -)