Klara rejected (solved)

The new NomadBSD 140R-20231121 refuses to boot from USB immediately after listing of detected drives, with the following warning:

ZFS: unsupported feature: com.klarasystems : vdev zaps_v2

And loads the previous NomadBSD 131R-p5 from a hard disk drive insted (zfs-2.1.4-FreeBSD_g52bad4f23).

My laptop in question is Acer Aspire 7738 with 4GB RAM, and USB 2.0 Kingston DataTraveler 16 GB. I burned nomadbsd-140R-20231121.amd64.zfs.img into this flash drive on another, MS Windows 11 laptop by balenaEtcher, which verified the installation to be OK. That computer (Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 15AMN8) sees it, but also refuses to boot from this USB flash drive, too.

Sorry for the trouble, I managed to overcome BIOS of Acer Aspire 7738g, this laptop is now loading NomadBSD 140p1 smoothly. I am hoping to deal with another laptop as well, although so far EFI of Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 15AMN8 refuses to boot from the same USB drive.

I have tested on another Lenovo Ideapad 3 laptop (17.3" LCD, AMD Ryzen5 CPU, MS Windows 11 OS) - also without success. But this time with an interesting explanatory warning: