Jakie jest domyslne haslo root w trybie live nomadBSD?

Uruchomilem live najnowsze nomadBSD .
Podoba mi sie ten system i chce go zainstalowac na dysku .
Gdy uruchamiam instalator , pyta mnie o haslo roota .
a ja go nie znam . Gdy chce uruchomic DSBATMON - on nie uruchamia sie . Prosze o pomoc po angielsku lub polsku

I run live the latest nomadBSD .
I like this system and want to install it on the disk .
When I run the installer , it asks me for the root password .
And I don’t know it . When I want to run DSBATMON - it does not start . Please help in English or Polish. deepl.com is a good translator to english from polish

NomadBSD is setup to boot and run from a USB flash drive. Works great that way.
Download GhostBSD 23.04.23 | GhostBSD “latest build” April 2023 or later version. Download .ISO file ; write to a USB flash drive; boot live version directly from USB flash drive; needs 4 gigabytes DRAM memory to operate. Use the GhostBSD Installer to install to a full disk drive SSD or hard disk. Best of Computing journey, which ever path you take.

If I remember, there is no default password, but if you add a user, then you use that user password.

The display manager, SDDM, used by NomadBSD is configured to automatically log in the default user nomad. The program nomadbsd-dmconfig (Openbox menuSettingsDisplay manager settings) allows you to change/disable the default user, select the default session, and to enable/disable auto login.[/quote]