Installing on Hard Drive

How can I install NomadBSD on my hard drive? What is the reason that NomadBSD is designed to be installed on a USB? Is there any disadvantage to installing it on the hard drive? Can I install it using a KVM virtual machine in Fedora 33?

I am new to using BSD.


Hi, for my short (and happy) experience with NomadBSD, you can install it on any volume in your pc. Once you have created the live system on the USB pendrive, just boot from there, once ready rightclick on any desktop point, in the context menu choose System and select NomadBSD Installer. You will access to a gui installation panel that will display the target volume available in the pc, just choose the hard disk, and remember that it will be entirely formatted/used for the installation, all existing datas will be erased

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As mauro says, If you has already booted from the USB then locate the NomadBSB Installer app.

Click on it and then just choose your hard disk where to install it. Of course, this will erase all the data on that hard disk.