Install on Gnome Boxes and Dell XPS 9570


I would like to be able to make a virtual installation from NomadBSD on Gnome Boxes, would you have any advice for me ? Gnome Boxes which is however compatible with the IMG format does not recognize your NomadBSD disk image ;-(

The second question concerns an installation that I would like to perform on my Dell XPS 9570 laptop on which I installed an Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 card. Unfortunately this card is apparently not recognized by NomadBSD and it prevents me from running it. Same problem with my QNAP QNA-UC5G1T network adapter, it is not recognized which prevents me from accessing the internet.

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GNOME Boxes utilizes the Linux KVM, libvirt and its associated packages built by RedHat which have serious issues with detecting .img based OS system images. Install it on Oracle’s Virtualbox hypervisor which is available in all major GNU/Linux distribution’s package repo’s. You will find a guide how to install this in a Virtualbox VM in the NomadBSD Handbook. Alternatively you may burn the image onto a USB stick or even better onto a microSD card inserted into a microSD to USB adapter for better performance. I made a guide in the HowTo section of this forum so newbies like you can check it out. Thank me later. :wink: