Install graphically or not

I have a PC that I bought 2 years ago. New. There is only one component that freebsd is not compatible with: the graphics core.
That’s why the local PC shop offered me: an nvidia quadro 2000 vga. I looked at and it says that it is supported by freebsd. In other words, there is a driver for it on freshport, which must be installed manually with a command.
I’m still a beginner in bsd. That’s why I couldn’t install free or net bsd, but only these user-friendly bsds like ghost, nomad, etc.
My question is:
a screen will appear by default and I can install nomad bsd graphically as well
can i install this nvidia driver from freshports only from command line?
It would be nice if the system would at least boot up and the driver would have to be installed afterwards just to make the screen look nicer and the resolution higher.

Thank you, I already know the question! nomadbsd didn’t start, it gave an error message during installation that it couldn’t copy, but I’m not attaching the picture now.
I installed the ghost bsd and it started up nicely, so I didn’t have to install the driver in the terminal. But maybe it is need in free.