Incomplete package install and blank screen

Cannot use NomadBSD 1.4 (AMD64) after failed “pkg install”

NOTE: Last hardware probe, no changes: HW probe of HP ProBook 640 G1 #bf763e72ad

Single user mode works. Drives can mount from single user mode
Multi-user mode go to a blank screen with no response

Not able to work with “pkg” after mounting drives get following message “The package management tool is not installed on your system”

Nothing found in /var/log either but all data in /data/home or /nomad is accessible.

After reviewing boot in verbose mode. Can see last lines after

Starting slim

… KDE/Openbox
… Openbox
… GNOME/Openbox
… Openbox
… GNOME/Openbox

Screen flash with mouse (but cannot move it)
Then blank screen, no response from mouse or keyboard.
Power button shows shutdown sequence