Incomplete package install and blank screen

Cannot use NomadBSD 1.4 (AMD64) after failed “pkg install”

NOTE: Last hardware probe, no changes: HW probe of HP ProBook 640 G1 #bf763e72ad

Single user mode works. Drives can mount from single user mode
Multi-user mode go to a blank screen with no response

Not able to work with “pkg” after mounting drives get following message “The package management tool is not installed on your system”

Nothing found in /var/log either but all data in /data/home or /nomad is accessible.

After reviewing boot in verbose mode. Can see last lines after

Starting slim

… KDE/Openbox
… Openbox
… GNOME/Openbox
… Openbox
… GNOME/Openbox

Screen flash with mouse (but cannot move it)
Then blank screen, no response from mouse or keyboard.
Power button shows shutdown sequence

Version 131R is now available, suggest you give it a go, (working well for me installed to computer). :slight_smile: