Imported photos from my iphone!

I am pleased to report that I just connected my iphone SE via USB and it mounted without any fuss at all! After touching the “allow” button on my iphone, I was able to view and drag/drop-transfer photos to my NomadBSD “Photos” folder. I’m still not quite used to not being able to put things on my desktop, but I am very excited about being able to import media items from my iphone! Only the media items were available, however. The iphone didn’t serve up other folders. Still, I’m pretty pleased!

Now I know I can use my NomadBSD Dell laptop to make blog posts for my website and have access to my photo library on the iphone!

P.S.: I am using Ristretto as my photo viewer, rather than viewnoir. I couldn’t get viewnoir to open ,jpg files uploaded from my mac.

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