I'm a much happier camper now!

Apparently, I misconfigured something in my NomadBSD install to my laptop’s SSD and this occasioned the errors I was getting with several applications. I have now reinstalled NomadBSD from my USB to the SSD and all is running correctly now. I am very pleased with that, because I really like Nomad and have high hopes it may become my daily driver OS on my laptop. I was getting quite discouraged, because applications I need were not running on it. I think I have that solved!

As a side-note, I have upgraded to FreeBSD13.1-RELEASE and everything is still working.


I spoke too soon again. So, now my network file sharing through PCmanFM is giving me an error: “Not supported”. Everything is working fine on the USB, but not after installation on my SSD. I reinstalled and am getting the same thing. I am going to try one more time, since reinstalling, at this point, is easier than troubleshooting, and not do the 13.1-RELEASE upgrade and check again. I’ll report back. On the other hand, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, and Kdenlive are still working.

Creating a new thread for the network file sharing issue.