I may have killed my laptop

I burned nomadbsd-130R-20210508.amd64.img to my PenDrive. Was this the wrong file?

Anyway, it installed and when it finished it said it needed to reboot. I didn’t catch it quick enough so my main distro, Artixlinux loaded. After it loaded I shut it down and planned on booting into Nomad on the pen drive, except my laptop wouldn’t start.

When the power button is pushed, there is a little white light beside the cam, that comes on. It goes off after the computer starts up, but now this light stays on. I heard the hard drive sound like it’s getting ready to start, but then nothing happens.

I can’t access the BIOS and if it won’t boot. I don’t think something like a live USB could be used. I guess, if I could… I would try and activate “Timeshift” on Artix. Not sure if that would do anything. It’s starting to look like the laptop is ruined.

It’s working again. I unplugged it and left it for a couple of hours while I met my daughter for dinner. When I came back, it started up. For some reason, I just can’t win with this Lenovo and Nomad on the pen drive. This was the first time it failed to start when I wanted it to. I’ll take that as a warning…

It works fine on the HP laptop without any problems No one is lining up to buy it (I was going to sell it). It’s 14 years old and has linux on it. However, it is a great working laptop – so it looks like I’ll be keeping it.


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If you would like to still get it working; which Lenovo do you have? I may be able to give some tips. I’ve had it running on 4 different ones.

Thank you, but no thanks. My idea was to use the OS on the pen drive and take it with me to places it could come in useful where I could access the info I have saved. I wasn’t able to access the WiFi using the Lenovo. I had the 14 version working on the HP but as soon as I upgraded, it quit working.

I wouldn’t trust it to plug into someone else’s laptop.

Thank you!

Ok. No problem.