Hs-xmonad by default?

Hi guys, i don’t know if it’s the right section to ask my question.
I found that xmonad could be a useful tool to optimize desktop space. Tiling apps window could be very useful to all.
There is some possibility to install it by default in the next NomadBSD versions?

Thank you :wink:

As a user my opinion is, that it’s not favorable for NomadBSD or me.
But it is nice to hear other users recommendations and experiences with other software!

xmonad is a fully-fledged tiling windows manager, not ‘just’ an add-on like plank.
On “setup/install” NomadBSD doesn’t offer to choose your window-manager from a list (KDE, Gnome, xfce…) - the choice is taken. That approach is simple and makes Nomad easy for new users and I like that.
In that context I understand your suggestion as a switch from OpenBox to xmonad.
Please correct me if I’m wrong…
xmonad is not as easy and accessible for new users as openbox, so in my opinion it will not benefit NomadBSD to make that switch.

But I like the similarities in the words “nomad” and “monad” :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with you about :

but i believe that is very useful to developers (i’m not a developer) and content’s maker (like me for my web site).

I hadn’t noticed the anagram. Funny and symbolic, yeah.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I installed I3 WM.
Not so easy i expected, but i try to use it.
NomadBSD gave me a new computing life, a new energy to evolve me. Do you think that a 60 years old man can do that?

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Trying out a new O/S is just as easy now I’m 71, as it was when I was 40 - in fact it is easier now, as I have some experience… :laughing:

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Wanting is power! Congrats :wink: