HowTo start an OpenVPN connection at login (courtesy of the NomadBSD developers)

# mkdir /usr/local/etc/openvpn
# cp your_openvpn_config_file.conf /usr/local/etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf
# sysrc openvpn_enable="YES"
# sysrc openvpn_if="tun"
# sysrc openvpn_configfile="/usr/local/etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf"
# sysrc openvpn_dir="/usr/local/etc/openvpn"

Then reboot or:

# service openvpn start
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Cool! Now if there is a Wireguard setup for NomadBSD, I would jump right into configuring that instead. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until basic Wireguard support lands in the FreeBSD kernel.

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