How to upgrade NomadBSD to version 141R

First I want to thank the NomadBSD developers for the work they have done and are doing with this really cool operating system, which is my daily driver since years!

I have just done two installations of NomadBSD 141R on different notebooks (Dell and Asus).

I only updated by Octopkg about 50 qt5 and qt6 library packages.

I say I only upgraded via Octopkg because I think it would be safest not to mix FreeBSD with NomadBSD because of moderator @Ime’s clarification in this post: 14.1-release - #17 by lme

I look forward to the completion and rollout of the upgrade program, as it is not yet finished.


NomadBSD consists of 3 parts:

  1. FreeBSD base system
  2. 3rd Party packages (built from FreeBSD’s ports tree)
  3. NomadBSD-specific tools and configuration

Each part is upgraded by another tool:

  1. Base: freebsd-update
  2. Packages: pkg or Octopkg
  3. NomadBSD: Our updater which is not yet finished

To get a new NomadBSD version you need to write the new image to the USB drive and (re-)install on your harddrive.

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