How to delete Android partitions on microsd?

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Anyone know how to delete or format a microsd card with these Android partitions?
I’ve tried everything dd, testdisk, fdisk, gpart, etc…nothing could remove those damn partitions.

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Always double check the device name!

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0 bs=1M

will destroy all data and partition tables on that device (/dev/da0).

If you only want to delete the two partition entries:

# gpart delete -i 1 da0
# gpart delete -i 2 da0

In addition, after deleting the partitions, you can delete the partition scheme:

# gpart destroy da0

You must delete the partitions first, as I wrote in the previous post.

Hello friend, I did this before but without success! See the prints >

I think Android writes some write protection.

Freezes and after a few minutes it displays the IO error

But you didn’t eject the media (as you did here) before trying to access it, right? Did you check the write-protection-switch on the SD card or it’s adapter?
Are there any error messages regarding da0 (dmesg | grep da0)?

Hi friend mk1,

Yes, after performing the commands to remove partitions 1 and 2 I am forced to eject the card because it freezes, remembering that it is not an SD but a microsd so there is no physical lock.
Surely Android wrote on microsd an encrypted security GPT partition that I believe no one on the face of the earth can remove.
I’ve been reading about the subject but at the learning level because I don’t intend to spend our time with it anymore.
The only way to solve this I believe is by reprogramming the microsd card controller, but unfortunately I couldn’t get the microsd’s CID because it would depend on directly accessing the microsd without using a reader.
USBDEV.RU has several apps related to this theme.

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Thank you, Marcelo. I have wondered about that issue since I first downloaded NomadBSD.

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