How to copy-paste in mc

While this forum is relatively quiet, I want to ask a minor question. I would like to exploit Midnight Commander for daily routine work, but can not copy nor paste any text in MC Editor.

Yes, the internal commands F3 to select - deselect, F5 to duplicate, F6 to move, and F8 to remove selected text work exactly as expected. Yet usual Shift-Delete to cut, C-Ins to store the selected text to a clipfile, and S-Ins to paste it — no, never, no way. F9 menu does not help, too.

What is the clipfile and where it resides? It is mentioned in mc manual as mcedit.clip. I did not find it, though. Is it the same system clipboard?

~/.config/mc/mcedit/ directory is empty, a general ini configuration file in ~/.config/mc/ does not contain copy-paste options o something related. I did not find nothing similar in /usr/local/etc/mc/, too. Just did not understand the following strings in [input] section of @mc.keymap:

# Mark =
Remove = ctrl-w
# Cut =
Store = alt-w
# Paste =
Yank = ctrl-y

Shift+ctrl+c to copy
Shift+ctrl+p to paste
works for me in mcedit.

Weird, not for me.

F9 menu Copy-Paste works as F5-F6 — in the same file only, yet not via a clipboard.

And where your clipfile resides?