Help me fix my nomad bsd I'm a new user

Hello, I recently tried using NomadBSD, as I am someone who is used to Windows it is very confusing and different, I normally installed NomadBSD so I proceeded. The first problem started with the resolution, I’m stuck on a lower resolution and there are no other options to change, I thought the reason was because the OS doesn’t recognize my GPU, so I opened Sakura after having researched the commands to install a Drive NVDIA, but it was not said that:

“Insufficient privileges to install packages”

I got stuck on it and didn’t know what to do.

Help me please.

Hi Kain. To install packages you have to act as root, so you must run on Sakura the command “su” and use the password you defined on the install program, and then you could use the command “pkg install nvidia” or the proper for your GPU.