Have heared about systemd in linux

hello ,
i have heared about systemd in linux. it is in many linux distributions.
here the link : https://systemd.io/
i want to avoid this library.
my question :slight_smile:

is assume that this libary is NOT includes in Nomad-BSD and stay outside. Is that true ?


Its true, sort of…

Systemd is currently what is replacing init sytems in GNU/Linux. FreeBSD does no use it, and there is “no plans” for it to be used (as I understand) due to multiple factors, such as the complexites of intergration, its license, and its closed nature as well.

There has been talk of using other “init” systems such as openrc, runit, and others, but I do not think that it is likley.

As long as NomadBSD chooses to stay close to its foundation (FreeBSD), it should be free from systemd as well.

This is just a very short explaination. Hope it helps.



sounds good :laughing:

I’ll add the that whole reason I decided to re-explore the BSD operating systems again is because I’m a Linux systemd-refugee. I cannot stand systemd. Of the various OSes and distributions, I decided that NomadBSD is easily the best, and likely the Ubuntu of BSD, so here I am.

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SystemD has a few security issues. NomadBSD is the KISS, (Keep It Simple Stupid) FreeBSD operating system. It works out of the box for most. Everything I have read on the FreeBSD site works on my NomadBSD system. If I want to add or modify my NomadBSD system and I can’t find an answer on NomadBSD, I read whatever FreeBSD has to say and apply it.

Although the subject has been discussed forever, I thought this video from a FreeBSD developer, Benno Rice most interesting. Since I’m not a dev, I can’t comment, but seems like a reasonable point of view from one guy.


Aside from the issue at hand, is the danger of putting on blinders and totally living in the past, or at most just stagnating.

In many Linux Forums the discussions about the init systems are actually performed with religious fervor. And of course the Systemd init is given by the devil himself.
The base of Nomad BSD is Freebsd and like Freebsd the init System is RC. The config file of the openRC init is /etc/rc.conf. I guess this config file is easy to understand.
In Linux Distros the majors like Debian, Fedora or Manjaro using Systemd.
But there are Exceptions: MX Linux uses still the SysV and in Artix Linux ( Arch ) and in Devuan ( Debian ) you can choose by installing between openrc, s6 or runit.

In my posting before I wrote, that freebsd uses the openRC int. Then I did a look on distrowatch and read that it’s RC. So I quickly corrected it.
Do someone know the different beetween RC an d openRC ?

I would just tread lightly here. Especially if you are a user and have no skin in the game. Ie, nobody is forcing anyone to use anything. Plenty of choice.

And since both Linux and FreeBSD have corporate sponsorship, do we really want to go down that road too with endless discussions over software nobody is forcing us to use and plenty of options?

And quite honestly, when I was younger as a user, I vacillated between the old gpl vs bsd chestnut. When I realized I had no skin in the game, and was just happy to be contrarian, I found I had no TRUE feelings on the subject, but was just being manipulated by mind-share if I was truly honest with myself.

Re inits: plenty to go around. An attempt to modernize beyond the simplicity of the PDP-11 era.

Question is, how come nobody in BSD-land mentions using ToyBox as an init? Quite a few Linux distros use Busybox-init (including Knoppix these days), and wonder if any *bsd have ever used Toybox for that function?

Thing is, there’s a whole other drama to blow one’s mind on. :slight_smile:

Sometimes when it all gets to be too much, I recall OpenBSD’s release song of “Shut up and hack!” Crank up this OGG audio. Ah, remind you of Prodigy? (I may be old but I’m still a hipster in the brain…)


Slackware Linux actually uses a BSD-style init system. Their documentation is available at http://www.slackware.com/config/init.php

Yahoo search returns quite a bit of documentation from a variety of sources if anyone is interested in reading more about RC and various init related articles.
Yahoo Search result

Maybe I’m a little late but other than NomadBSD I use “VoidLinux” (https://voidlinux.org) which comes with “runit” instead of systemd as init system and features “xbps”, a custom package manager designed by a former NetBSD maintainer (xbps is the main reason VoidLinux now exists, as it initally served as a test environment for xbps). For desktop environments like kde, xfce and the likes there’s “elogind” which provides some of the functionality required by these DEs that would otherwise be provided through systemd.

And then there is “Devuan” Linux which basically is debian sans systemd. You can choose between the classic debian sys-v-init, OpenRC or runit (the latter not being used in the way it should be - unlike VoidLinux).