Gui notepad already built-in to NomadBSD!

Ok, the title is somewhat misleading since anything with a modern browser already has this capability. It might depend, but I always check this …

Sure, I could use my old standby’s like using dedicated text editors, but since NomadBSD comes with Firefox-ESR already built in, how about using it for local notetaking - online OR offline!

Here’s how:
In the url bar, let’s pull up a gigantic text-box which we can type into, edit, save, or recall information from:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Enter this carefully. Check the colon and comma. Mind your spacing.

Also note that your internal connection is NOT SECURE. For some, this option has been disabled due to that.

Click in the window and start typing.

To enlarge the fontsize, use CTRL +
To decrease the fontsize, use CTRL -
To save your text to a file, CTRL-S
To open some other file, CTRL-O

See something worth saving in this forum? You can use copy-n-paste techniques typically with a dedicated bookmark tab for the faux editor.

In fact, since typing this url is so error prone, once you get it working, consider making it a bookmark.

Want a mini internal file-browser? Use the following url with THREE slashes:


I’m very grateful that NomadBSD comes with a decent browser. At the very least, it allows me to use it offline for various tasks, like reading the built-in “handbooklet” and even making my own notes.

Nope, I’m not going to write my Phd thesis with it. But it is handy, even when the system may not ever be online!