GUI does not start after the last pkg mass update

About 440 packages updated successfully, with no errors, and NomadBSD (FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p5 amd64 on Acer Aspire 7738 with GeForce GT216M) continued working normally yesterday until the reboot this morning — Xorg GUI does not start now, and I do not find any meaningful warning in the log, so I reverted zfs boot environment to its previous state.

Does anyone know which package caused the fault — which pkg I should exclude from upgrade?

I can’t help you, but I downloaded NomadBSD 131R-20221130.amd64.zfs today again and installed it on my external SSD. After the first boot, I updated the whole system and rebooted. Everything works fine.
If you make an update with the GUI OctoPkg you find the error message in the GUI.

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I guess incompatibility with a display driver or some library, but can not find any error entry in the bootlog. And there was no such warning in OctoPkg, too.

All the user apps are now upgraded and work fine.

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The upgrade went fine on my laptop. Yes, it was a big one! Over 700 pkgs on mine (I hadn’t updated in quite awhile).

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I’m a little late to the game but did you ever figure this out?

Me? I have upgraded all the user apps, and left outdated those 133 packages:

  • e2fs* (4) 1.46.6 → 1.47.0
  • kf5-* (50) 5.101.0 → 5.104.0
  • lib* (37)
  • papirus-icon-theme 20220808 → 20230301
  • plasma-wayland-protocols 1.9.0 → 1.10.0
  • plasma5-plasma-workspace-wallpapers 5.24.7 → 5.27.3
  • py39-* (38)
  • python39 3.9.16 → 3.9.16_2
  • suitesparse-* (7) 3.0.2 → 3.0.3
  • webcamd →

I gave up trying to find out which pkg was at fault, as all upgraded GUI apps are now working for me.