Grub error when boot from usb

I follow instructions on our site,
dd bs=1M if=nomadbsd-x.y.z.img of=/dev/sdX conv=fsync.

but when boot from usb,I get errors:
error: no such device:22xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
error:unknown filesystem
entering rescude mode…
grub rescue>

How to fix this,thanks.

I disable other boot options and it works.
after nomadbsd installed,I open firefox,but it disappears after a short time.I click logout,I get error something like this" XXX child error XXXX”,I have to push power button to power off.After system reboot,I cannot login,only command prompt.I dd’ed again,this time I get error" failed to execute login command" something like that.How to fix it,thanks

Finally,it works!! It’s a great OS.Thanks, nomad

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it saddens me that we replace the vanilla boot loader with GNU linux garbage such is grub. instead of spending the time to improve it we just go ahead and use another.