Front page links for KY and NY don't work

Hey there,
The links for KY and NY on the front page got me 404’d. The Main Site link works fine.

Awesome work, guys! I love having a preconfigured and precompiled portable bootable BSD I can run from a flash drive. I’ve built world and kernel before and know how much time it takes to get everything set up well, compiled, and put into a nice tidy image. This is SO F’n CONVENIENT and I think y’all made real good choices on what you included and how you put it together.

:crazy_face:MAD PROPS, YO :heart_eyes_cat: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :hugs:

Thanks for letting us know about the 404 errors. We’ll look into this.

And even more thanks for being happy with NomadBSD! :smile:

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