FreeBSD 13

Will Nomad be ready for Freebsd 13 in March? And will we able to upgrade with octopkg?

Hi @Raymond_Sickler,

we will release NomadBSD 1.4 this week (I hope) which is base on FreeBSD 12.2-p3, so March is a bit too early for us. But we will switch to 13 as soon as possible.

Regarding your second question: If you installed NomadBSD to a HDD you can upgrade it like any other FreeBSD installation via freebsd-update, followed by pkg upgrade -f. Note, however, that some of the NomadBSD tools won’t run anymore after the upgrade due to the ABI change.

That didn’t work. Must be upgrade from source. Will I have to re-install my system to get 12.2 p3?

If you want NomadBSD 1.4, you will have to reinstall it as we don’t have an upgrade system. But the FreeBSD base system can be upgraded via:

% sudo freebsd-update fetch
% sudo freebsd-update install

That doesn’t work. I get a list of packages that will be upgraged and then the word end in the terminal. Are there any switches to include?

Thats ok… I went back to GhostBSD. Keep trying though. You’ll figure it out.

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You just have to press “q” to continue - it’s just a scroll-able list :slight_smile:
and you’ll have to do it more than once.

That’s standard FreeBSD procedure - NOT anything the NomadBSD guys have gotten wrong… (they are very friendly and capable as you already have found out :+1:)

[friendly teasing] Hopefully you will figure it out (by trying again) :wink: :slight_smile: [/friendly teasing]


Thank you for you nice words, @ludensen. :blush:

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You are welcome :slight_smile:
In my short time on this forum, I have read your very knowledgeable, kind and patient answers to not so kindly formulated questions (not thinking of this one, @Raymond_Sickler :wink: )
Sir, you have my respect! I would propably have “vented” trying to answer some of those, but you guys didn’t :+1:


I find this topic very interesting because I have never been able to get my video, mouse, or sound to work with any of the GhostBSD iso’s and I have tried them all. NomadBSD boots and runs perfectly on my system out of the box. My system: Dell XPS 8100 with an i7 processor and 8 Gigs of memory, ATI video 6700, and HDMI sound.

Raymond, be aware there are some major changes in FreeBSD-RELEASE-13. As I understand it, GhostBSD is having some issues with it. I expect NomadBSD to also have issues to over-come with 13.

PC-BSD and Solaris 10 are wonderful operating systems and I used them both until their EOL. I will continue using NomadBSD as my daily driver because it works well on my system and I hope GhostBSD continues to work well on your computer.

Best wishes,

I don’t have ghostbsd. I have nomad installed on my hard drive.

I have upgraded (my self build/compiled) Nomad-12.1 to 12.2, with “freebsd-update upgrade -r 12.2-RELEASE”, succesfully.
Note that this may require up to 500 MB of space in workdir.

You could of done it with freebsd-update fetch install. Freebsd 12.2-p4 is out.

No. With “fetch” you get all available binary updates (based on the currently installed world) to update, lets say, from 12.2-p3 to 12.2-p4.
With “upgrade” you get the necessary files for upgrading to a new and supported release. E. g. from 12.1 to 12.2.

It is freebsd-update fetch install. You can use the same

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This is just the a shorter form for

freebsd-update fetch
freebsd-update install

The latter, however, allows you to first check what would be changed, before you decide to install the patches.

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One line “freebsd-update fetch istall”

Why prefer only the necessary updates and not all updates?
-do they break something?

and welcome on the forum :slight_smile: judging by the self-compiled Nomad install, you’re not that new to FreeBSD… though you are taking the wording in the man-page quite literally :wink:

My take:
In this day and age good IT-security means keeping all SW upto-date!

I wrote necessary files and not, necessary updates only.
I have done upgrade and updates. That means, I did “upgrade -r 12.2-RELEASE”, with everything that goes with it, rebooted and then I did “fetch/install” (according to FreeBSD security advisories/errata notices).
:~ # freebsd-version -ukr

kudos for bothering with ‘friendly’ teasing. my opinion is that the poster didn’t merit any friendliness.