FreeBSD 13.1

When will the new iso based on 13.1 be released?

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Which iso? The one for FreeBSD (which may or may not be an .iso file depending on the architecture you are running it) or the one for NomadBSD (which is definitely not an .iso but an .img file)?

Just do an upgrade. I did it yesterday without issues.

# freebsd-update -r FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE upgrade

# shutdown -r now

# freebsd-update install

Follow the instructions provided with the upgrade. If you have custom configurations, such as in /etc/groups, it will have you merge those files manually during the upgrade. Just follow the instructions provided during the upgrade.

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For more details on upgrading to FreeBSD 13.1 look in this thread.

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@tthenrie Did you do this on a “installed” version or on the live USB directly?

I ran out of diskspace on the live media. :frowning:
(Stock IMG no applications installed)

I have my system installed on the laptop’s SSD. I seem to recall, though, that I ran into a similar problem when I tried to upgrade on my USB. As I recall, it stems from certain directories on the USB install being restricted in size, rather than actual disk space. I cannot recall right now how I resolved the issue, but I believe there was a thread on this forum that helped me. I’ll see if I can find it and provide a link.

Hello @phix,
welcome to the forum.

I’ve had the same problem and meant to post my solution here, but forgot about it.
I will write a post tonight…


Thanks for your replies.

I ended up building Nomad from “source” and rebase it on 13.1.
However, the master branch did not build out of the box so I had to do a few modifications to the pkg list.
But hopefully it should be all right. :slight_smile: (I’m all new to BSD)

Lets hope we get an official 13.1 image soon. I think Nomad is an amazing OS. <3


The NomadBSD-image can be tricky to upgrade to FreeBSD 13.1 because the layout on the disk is lean and optimized for maximum user-space.
So I experienced problems upgrading a vanilla NomadBSD 130R-20210508 on a 16 GB USB-stick. It ran out of disk-space on /ROOT/ and choked.

During upgrade the old 13.0 kernel is kept and renamed to /boot/kernel.old. But you can change this behaviour (and instead delete the old kernel during upgrade) in freebsd-update.conf - and that gives the system juuust enough disk-space to complete the upgrade.

So before running freebsd-update, you have to open the freebsd-update.conf (with root privileges)

> sudo vim /etc/freebsd-update.conf

and (near the bottom) uncomment and change the line # BackupKernel yes to:

BackupKernel no

or simply use this command:

sudo sed -i.old 's/# BackupKernel yes/BackupKernel no/' /etc/freebsd-update.conf

Happy upgrading :slight_smile:

Please chime in with corrections and addition :slight_smile:

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Not possible with the range of computers that FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE can not boot, a considerably broad range: