Free disk space info for NomadBSD UFS install on SSD?

I have been staring myself blind at gpart and geom documentation, as well as egrep, camcontrol and lsblk, yet I am none the wiser as to how to find out how much free space is on a NomadBSD UFS install on an SSD drive. Can anyone please give me a clue?

Wow. Here is an answer that I found myself, although not using any tool that I have been familiar with:

Free Disk Space In Bash

Returns free disk space:
df | egrep '/$' | awk '{print $4}'

Returns free disk space in human readable form like K M or G:
df -h | egrep '/$' | awk '{print $4}'

Returns the used Percentage as value :
df -h | egrep '/$' | awk '{print 100-$5}'

with Percentage character use :
df -h | egrep '/$' | awk '{print 100-$5."%"}'

At the same time, I have to comment on how small and space efficient a NomadBSD install is, even with the base /compat/ubuntu layer. Cudos to FreeBSD and the NomadBSD developers.

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