First Steps after reboot?

After installing NomadBSD in a VirtualBox Guest, it will automatically login to the user nomad. It can be changed to another user, or even turned off. The NomadBSD handbook, describes this process in Section 8. read the whole section. First add the user from the NomadBSD menu -> System-> Add user (you’ll need to confirm the root password and select default applications for the user), then change the Display Manger settings from NomadBSD menu -> Settings -> Display Manager (enter root pasword) to the new user or even turn-off the auto-login.

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there is a question-mark in your title, but now I have read your post twice and can’t find any question…
I think you have to add something or be more specific.

So I made the rookie mistake of asking questions before searching the Handbook and FAQ. I then edited the post to answer my own questions about adding a user and not auto-login. Unforunately I can’t edit the posting title. Sorry, for the confusion. I’ll mark this solved to clear-up any more confusion

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