File operations disallowed on Wine software in a NBSD installed volume

this is for 1420242601.
Recently I succeeded to have Wine installed on the most recent version of live-usb volume also thanks to the indications of idude0407, and it works for all the software of my concerning which is not operable outside Windows environment.
The issue comes when I target the live-usb installation (already configured with Wine installation who handles the Windows apps I run) to another volume , then creating my own user and using it as permanent installed system.
That installation runs the software under Wine as expected but prevents any other handling operation as open - load - save - export - import, because appears to be completely blind in browsing directories, it just does not show anything in the browsing window, all fields are empty and sometimes the application crashes in this step. Repeat, all ok in the live-usb which is enough for my needs, and think this is due to the change of username directory in the passage from live volume to target volume, so that if you install Wine first time directly in the target volume, it would work well.
I like to highlight this in case it could be fixed by devs somehow.
Thank you much