File metadata and personal information management

The question is not strictly directed to NomadBSD, although about bibliography in desktop environment. I can’t live without a bibliography — without metadata description of documents and other user file assets: title, keywords (tags), author, source URL, comments.

What is the philosophy of personal metadata management in a desktop BSD?

I can now edit filename only, and view its size and date of the last revision. How to assign its title or at least my comment as a file property?

I see some useful metadata tools and libraries ported to FreeBSD:

  • exiv2 — for EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata manipulation;
  • fileinfo — file properties for Lumina desktop;
  • pinot — to crawl, index, search (and edit?) metadata;
  • tracker — a database and search engine of user assets in its home directory (and custom files, exceptions).

Unfortunately, all of them are for applications, and are not accessible to edit metadata by users, although intended for desktop assets only.