Feature request: Sync USB install with HDD/SSD install

I am enjoying NomadBSD on my Dell laptop. I also found having the entire OS installed and usable on a thumb drive is also quite convenient while traveling. It would be great to have a simple means of syncing the two, to update changes from one to the other whenever the USB were plugged into the laptop.

I have used rsync for backups, but I am concerned that the differences between the USB OS and the SSD install on the laptop might present problems. I am not expert enough to write a script to enable the USB to sync to the SSD and vice-versa. A simple application or gui would be appreciated.

You could try Syncthing.

Using rsync (or Syncthing for that matter) is only going to do you any good for “data files”. I don’t think you can sync your entire home folder with settings and all. It will eventually result in a broken state unless you wait for all of it to be synced before boot/login.

The more robust and complicated option would be to some how sync-and-verify before the login process. I’m not sure how do do that either. It probably need to be some sort of startup service and a UI for options/disk selection. Kind of like the initial setup process.

If you stick to just the USB then the problem is solved and you can make a few bucks of the SSD on Ebay. :wink:

I know this is a bit old but have you found any solutions that fit what you need yet?