Dumped at login

Nomad did work with 14.1 but now that I’ve upgraded to 13, everything seems to load and then at the bottom of the black screen: nomad@NomadBSD$ – any login info I try to enter here doesn’t work.

Secure boot? Yes? No?
Legacy? Yes? No?
UEF? Yes? No?

Actually, nevermind. I thought this would be a handy tool to take with me, so I could plug it in to someone else’s laptop if I needed to copy or exchange information with someone. But it’s been two weeks and two laptops – it isn’t working on either laptop. There isn’t much chance I’m going to take it to an associate’s house and be able to use it.

This Nomad is a real good idea, but it isn’t ready for general use. I’m done with it for now. Maybe there will be some improvements later on, and I can have another look at it.

Thanks for trying top help me make use of this. Sorry to have wasted your time.

Can you describe them? Thanks.

I should have the info someplace. But If it was on the two laptops, I just wiped both of them yesterday, and put Manjaro on them. I may have to look at the serial numbers and makes and models and try to find the info online somewhere.

Nomad didn’t give me anything but grief on both of them. As I said, I put Manjaro on them two days ago. Not a hitch – everything worked as soon as the OS was loaded and re-booted. In comparison, I spent about two weeks trying to get one or the other to work with Nomad.

If I run across the info again, I’ll post it. I spent a half hour looking for it tonight and couldn’t find it. And, I’ve already spent enough time on this, so I’m not in any rush to continue to look for it. Sorry.