Dual monitors supported?

Does NomasBSD support dual monitors? At the moment, they both show the same desktop.

Have you tried configuring a screen layout via ArandR?

That is a bit beyond my knowledge level at the moment. I’m reading the manual and refreshing my Linux commands skills (now 25 years ago LOL).

I’m going to try the [Windows subsystem for Linux] feature in Windows 10 so that I have an easier method to investigate and edit NomadBSD installation files.

It’s quite easy. ArandR (you’ll find it under Settings in the Openbox menu) is a graphical tool to lay out the virtual screen to match the monitors standing on your desk:

Yes, I have already used ArandR but because of the depreciation down to VESA during the boot ArandR doesn’t show the second monitor so I’m stuck for the moment with 1 monitor in VESA mode.
I also ran Xrandr at the command line after booting AUTODETECT and Xrandr fails to list PROVIDERS and MONITORS - it generates an error message. Until I (we) can figure out why the Intel 580 integrated graphics isn’t recognized I’m stuck with the modest resolution (1024x900).

Indeed, there is no RandR support with VESA.


Doesn’t even show up here.