Dual boot, install for 2 partitions

Hi all!
l wanna try nomad bsd but next to win10. There are 2 hdd. There are 2 partitions on the first hdd, 1 for win, 1 for bsd.
l installed newest win10 recently and l want install bsd to the 2nd partition but l could not!
l boot with nomadbsd and click install but bsd does not see the 2 partitions only the whole hdd (230 gb) and wants to install the entire disk!
On the first partition the win reserves. Logically l want to install nomad to the 2nd part but l cant! It would be dual boot because l dont delete win10 until nomadbsd does not replace ms win.
What is the solution?

Hi @Csaba_Szentpetery,

it is not (yet) possible to install to a single partition with the NomadBSD installer.