DRM Firefox - Problem with Amazon Prime Video

Good afternoon,
I started using NomadBDS two weeks ago, I can say that is a very good OS. However when i tried to watch a movie on Amazon Prime Video i received an error message that explained to activate Widvine components so went in Firefox Option to activate DRM but I couldn’t find them.

So I installed Firefox 72.0 but also after that I had the same problem.

Did someone have the same problem?


Rendering online video is not that perfect on bsd system and being a persistent os there is some delay for which online videos are not played well. Try changing the display resolution from aranderer and inbuilt display setting…check if that helps but I believe video rendering is very much depends on the graphics driver which in bsd is not always available perfectly.

Thanks for your answer. I tryed to change my display resolution but the problem remains. The problem is due to the absence of digital rights management option in firefox.

Then this may help you…

All commercial items are removed in the OSS version of the browser so getting video to work is a pain. Netflix works as they use HTML5.

Thanks to everyone for your support. I’ll try again and if I found a solution I’ll share it in this forum.