Doubt about cloning the system

Hello everyone,
i ask this question here because the FreeBSD HandBook don’t solve my doubt.
I want to clone my NomaBSD allocated on my external SSD to the internal virgin SSD of a miniPC.
I will use dd tool to do so, but my doubt is about the bootloading.
If i clone the system and put it in the new SSD, i’m not sure that at the end of the process, the computer boot my loved NomadBSD.
So, what i have to do?

Sorry for my very bad english. I hope my explanation is intelligible.

Thank you


if the target SSD is at least as big as the source SSD, there should be no problems. If you are using UFS2, you can use the remaining space (if it’s bigger than the source SSD) on the target SSD after the cloning as follows:

  1. Boot the new (cloned) system it into single-user mode.
  2. Run service growfs onestart. This will extend the UFS2 filesystem on / to use the remaining space.
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Thanks a lot.
I try as soon as possible.

Does anyone have experience in cloning any free/ghost/nomad BSD (especially with ZFS as filesystem) with Linux tool Clonezilla?
I like it a lot when backing up and restoring Windoze systems and I’m wondering if it is usable on BSDs too?