Costumizing the menu

Hello Friends of Nomad BSD,
is there a way to customize the menu?
I try to change it in ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml. But after using the update_obmenu it’s the same like before.
I have a command line for my teatime message:

bash -c (sleep 180; sh -c “/usr/local/bin/feh -F /home/nomad/Bilder/teefertig.png & /usr/local/bin/mpv /home/nomad/Musik/Pausengong.mp3”)&

With sakura it’s working well.
I want to add it to the menu as item. I try. But I failed.
So is there a way to add it to the menu ?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @noob-like-nomadbsd,

create ~/bin/teatimer with the following content, and make it executable (chmod u+x ~/bin/teatimer):

sleep 180
/usr/local/bin/feh -F /home/nomad/Bilder/teefertig.png &
/usr/local/bin/mpv /home/nomad/Musik/Pausengong.mp3

Then create ~/.local/share/applications/teatimer.desktop with the following content:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Tea Timer
Exec=sh -c '~/bin/teatimer'

You can then execute it via Openbox menu->Utility->Tea Timer

Btw, you can use dunstify for displaying messages near the system tray:

$ dunstify 'Your tea is ready!'

II followed your instructions.
I have the item in the menu. But it doesn’t work after excuting.
If i do the command line sh -c ‘~/bin/teatimer’ then I got the error: no permission.
If i do the command line sudo sh -c ‘~/bin/teatimer’ then it works fine.
I changed the teatimer.desktop Exec=sudo sh -c ‘~/bin/teatimer’ but that doesn’t work.

Did you set execute permission on ~/bin/teatimer (chmod u+x ~/bin/teatimer)?
Check its permission with ls -l ~/bin/teatimer

i did sudo chmod u+x /bin/teatimer
nomad@NomadBSD ~> ls -l /bin/teatimer
-rwxr–r-- 1 root wheel 146 16 Apr. 18:39 /bin/teatimer

Oh, I see. You created that file as root. There is no need to do that, and you shouldn’t. /bin is for the system only. As user nomad create the directory /home/nomad/bin (or ~/bin which the short form. ~ is resolved by the shell to the current user’s home dir) with ´mkdir ~/bin. Then copy the script from /bin/teatimerto/home/nomad/bin` and make it executable for nomad:

$ cp /bin/teatimer /home/nomad/bin/
$ chmod ~/bin/teatimer

Now its working fine! Thank you very much.
Well, I see, I am still a newby.
Today I learned , that i don’t need to use sudo for nano inside my own /home/user path and that I can do a /bin in my /home/user path.
In the next Step, I try to create a Update Item in the menu. Lets see, if Iam able to use, waht I learned today.
Have a nice evening.

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On the new NomadBSD 130 version there is on the Thunar file manager on the side panel a bookmark to /usr/local/share/applications.
So its easier to create a new .desktop file and costumize the menu.

costumizing the menu means to make the computer to your own computer. I think this the spirit of Freebsd or Linux and of course - NomadBSD!
So I wrote a small shell skript for creating .desktop files.

echo "Name der Desktopdatei ?"
read dateiname
echo "Name der Anwendung?"
read "desktopname"
echo "Befehl ?"
read Befehl
echo "Pfad zum Icon"
read Icon
echo "Welche Kategorie?"
read kategorie
touch /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/$dateiname.desktop
echo "[Desktop Entry]" > /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/$dateiname.desktop 
echo "Name=$desktopname" >> /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/$dateiname.desktop 
echo "Exec=$Befehl" >> /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/$dateiname.desktop 
echo "Terminal=false" >> /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/$dateiname.desktop 
echo "Type=Application" >> /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/$dateiname.desktop
echo "Icon=$Icon" >>  /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/$dateiname.desktop
echo "Categories=$kategorie" >> /home/nomad/.local/share/applications/$dateiname.desktop

And so guess: what was the first .desktop file I created with my new skript?
Of course this:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=xfce4-terminal --hold -x /home/nomad/.bin/./mkdeskfile

Well there is a newbie proud of his skript :smiley:

Is there any way to create a new category for the menu ? For example Places.