"Computer clock is wrong" How to reset

I was running Nomad successfully one minute (and a number of days) and the next time I tried to use Firefox It said my computer clock was wrong. Upper right “clock” is at Jan. 1, 2001. Trying to reset through that I change month and day but it returns to 2001. Can’t seem to locate time setting in system settings. Hint/solution/cause would be appreciated. I have reinstalled 3 times but problem persists.
Thanks in advance.

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Usually, time and date are automatically set via NTP on boot (if a connection to the internet is available). However, you can set them manually by executing bsdinstall time as user root.

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Thanks for the response. It was a faulty connection to the internet via a dodgy wireless card which I already have a upgrade in hand waiting for other upgrades to arrive. This is on an Aspire One A101 netbook. 1.5 g ram and waiting to upgrade to a 64g msata drive w/ adapter from 40 pin zif to msata, Hoping it works!

Plugging in lan cable corrected time problem.