Cloning of a NomadBSD usb stick

How can i cloning a NomadBSD usb stick to another USB stick?

Hi @Gerrit,

if the capacity of the target USB stick is greater or equal to the capacity of the source USB stick, you can use dd. If your OS does not have dd, you can use NomadBSD:

  1. Boot the NomadBSD system you intend to clone into single-user mode.
  2. Plug in the target device.
  3. Run dd if=/dev/da0 of=/dev/da1 bs=1M, where /dev/da0 is the device is you booted NomadBSD from (please check), and /dev/da1 is the target device (make sure it is the correct device!)

If the capacity of the target device is bigger than the one of the source device, and you are not using geli, you can use growfs to use the remaining space:

  1. Boot the cloned device into single-user mode.
  2. run service growfs onestart

MK1, Thank you for your quick response. Now I can continue.

Kind regards, Gerrit