Changing language of the menu

As i’m an italian NomadBSD user i want to “italianizing” the OpenBox menu.
To do so:

  1. Changing permission to menu.xml file that is in .config/openbox directory, from read only to read and write permission
  2. Edit the file with Geany in the markup “label” of each item. Example: from label=“Graphics” to label=“Grafica”
  3. Saving the file
  4. Reboot the system or Openbox.

I hope that this Tips can be useful.


Hi @borgio3,

the menu is auto-generated by update_obmenu, so your changes won’t persist unless you remove the comment="--- auto ---" annotation. But I’ve added Italian translations to update_obmenu. Get the latest code, and copy it to /usr/bin/update_obmenu:

$ git clone
$ sudo cp update_obmenu/update_obmenu /usr/bin/

Then open the Openbox menu and click on Update menu. When finished, the menu categories should be Italian.

Thanks :slight_smile: