Can't use wifi

I cannot use wifi anymore,I can use it with no problem before.I open wifi networkmanager,after enter password I get an error message:
No wifi interface is configured in /etc/rc.conf.

Hi @unicorn,

could you please provide the output of the following commands?:

% sysctl net.wlan.devices
% service -e
% grep ifconfig /etc/rc.conf

sysctl net.wlan.devices and grep ifconfig /etc/rc.conf output nothing.
service -e output:

my system start with command prompt
login:[drmxxxxfifo_underrun_xxxxxxx]xxxxx fifo underrun on pipe A
[drm:intel_cpu_fifo_underrun_xxxx_xxxxx_xxxxx]cpu pipe A fifo underrun

I enter my username and password after hit enter,and then type startx and desktop appear

It seems the content of /etc/rc.conf got lost. You can fix that as follows:

sudo cp /usr/share/nomadbsd-setup/ /etc/rc.conf

Then reboot.