Build a different version than is currently installed

I wasn’t sure if this should go here or in the NomadBSD, NBSD going forward because it’s more efficient, development category so I went with the broader of the two options.

I’m experimenting with some changes for NBSD that I wanted to try out. I’m using a lot of changes I’ve made to the FreeBSD, FBSD going forward because it’s more efficient, source that I want to build Nomad from. The source directory for these changes are on my local hard drive. I’m looking through the configuration and build files for NBSD and noticed that it goes online and pulls files from FBSD ftp server. I have already changed the ports directory to my local one as well in the configuration file.

From what I can tell; I have two options. Either I can setup an FTP server and try to match the FBSD ftp server or I can go through and attempt to rewrite the scripts to use the local directories.

After all of that rambling and explaining, my question is: what are the thoughts on the above options (or thoughts on a more suitable one than what I perceive as my two options above)?